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For Senior

The staff of smile invites customer

1F public space of bright atmosphere that we drew outdoor light into in hall.
Space where it is like opening only by resort hotel from entrance to lobby and courtyard
We open. The staff of smile that is refreshing at front counter customer
We invite.

We thoroughly enjoy facility of Mahaina leisurely

We thoroughly enjoy facility of Mahaina leisurely We thoroughly enjoy facility of Mahaina leisurely

It is cozy leisurely in room

All rooms are free and easy area more than 45m²
Bed is size of a space of semi-double, too.
Family room where established tatami mat space particularly of families
Customer gives favorable reception to.

It is relaxation time in lounge!

In lounge & bar "Karahai" facing the courtyard with full of resort feelings,
Coffee break of the relaxed afternoon!
Smoothie using seasonal fruit and vegetables is popular menu, too.
You can enjoy drink for takeout with POOL SIDE on fine day.
In addition, it is beginning of bar time which changes atmosphere completely at night, and can enjoy original cocktail only in southern country with live performance of piano.
You can enjoy the live concert of local artist at terrace seat in Golden Week and the summer, too.

It is relaxation time in lounge!

  • Library


    In library, we enjoy reading slowly and are available as place of exchange between customers who came.
    In addition, we offer information of arrangement of optional tour and tourist facility of neighborhood at tour desk in library.

  • Select shop

    Select shop

    In select shop of 1F, we have Okinawa goods which are pleased with to grilled dish with local Aristrist, works such as dyed goods and handmade accessories, product and child of Hotel original.

    Information for select shop

We search for nature of yanbaru leisurely

The highlight is full around hotel

There is south gate of Ocean Expo Park before eyes of hotel, and, also, a lot of customers that walking and jogging in site are enjoyed can just access to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and emerald beach when we use electric car going around the site.
"Fukugi row of trees of Bise" has tourist attraction where is popular in place for approximately five minutes by car.
Avenue where coral was spread all over is lined with old folk houses and lets original scenery of Okinawa feel that we surround village at sunlight to insert from Fukugi row of trees named ream and time to drift slowly.
In the middle of walk in the fun spots such as well-known store of Okinawa soba or hideaway cafe.

We search for nature of yanbaru leisurely

If it is no good in large communal bath

We heal fatigue of trip in vaunted large communal bath

Do you not heal fatigue of trip in large communal bath?
Mineral is plentiful in saline mixed with seawater which drew groundwater.
Saline brings relaxation effect, and it is told to be good for neuralgia and rheumatism by thermal effect.

Guidance of large communal bath "Mahaina saline"

By ma ... meal, it is healthy happily

With dishes using local ingredients having just finished being produced,
It is healthy happily deliciously!

At each restaurant, examine Okinawa's original material closely, is nouvelle cuisine from traditional recipe We prepared various menus in order to measure up to expectation of madeo visitor.

By ma ... meal, it is healthy happily

  • Buffet restaurant "Marsen" Buffet restaurant "Marsen"

    Buffet restaurant "Marsen"

    We finish fresh regional material in open kitchen full of live feelings and provide.
    We can look around the shop that is open air by various menus of chef feelings and courtyard which we lighted up We enjoy at terrace seat. Please enjoy night of slightly deluxe resort.

    Information for Marsen

  • Main dining "Shinka" Main dining "Shinka"

    Main dining "Shinka"

    Main dining "Shinka" (shinka) of calm atmosphere based on grain of wood of dark brown Then, from Teppanyaki, you can thoroughly enjoy Motobu Beef, dishes using local ingredients including rare pure line Agu pork, various dishes that we prepare discerning menu of chef to healthy cooking such as Okinawa Macrobiotic Cuisine with reputation until now, and fusion did taste of the sum more with wine.

    Information for Shinka

As for the plan to stay to live

Every day when it is healed mind and body together in Okina one life

We arrest these natural environments blessed with magnificent subtropical forest and world eminent marine environment with place of "natural healing" and provide as new sense of values of resort. We heal body which was tired from city life in nature and reproduce.
Make health of mind and body during customer stay; if can help, fortunately, is thinking. By long stay (long-term stay) plan of Mahaina, you offer eight original privileges and can enjoy yoni resort stay "living" literally.

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