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Hotel Life

We introduce environment that is full of sea nature blue naturally and hotel recommended how to spend yanbaru to tourist attraction distinguished for access

Travel Style

We spend time in family

For Family

It is program for a limited time.
Please enjoy this time-limited activity.


We spend time by couple

For Couple

It enlivens sea play of Okinawa more
We introduce Malin activity.


We spend time in senior

For Senior

It is program that we can enjoy of rich nature of Okinawa.
Anyone can enjoy from child to senior.


Hotel Mahaina illustration map

The northern area Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Minna Island which are popular among tourists
Northern area Sesoko Island, Fukugi row of trees of Bise where are popular among tourists
Northern area emerald beach where is popular among tourists, the Nakijin ruins of a castle

Churaumi Aquarium or emerald beach
A lot of highlight to enjoy Okinawa!

It is approximately two hours by car to hotel using Okinawa Expressway from Naha Airport.
Come to mark in "the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium".

Okinawa guidebook map

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


It is approximately six minutes by car from hotel

Aquarium in Ocean Expo Park in around Motobu Peninsula detailed Sezaki in northwestern Okinawa Island. The world of fish of the Kuroshio Current to overlook with huge acrylic panel...

Bise Fukugi Tree Road

Bise Fukugi Tree Road


It is approximately eight minutes by car from hotel

Hook tree row of trees of Bise located at the tip of Motobu Peninsula. We continued protecting people from typhoon as windbreak forest in Okinawa with many typhoons. The Bise ground...

Minna Island (we do not see familiar)

Minna Island


It is approximately 15 minutes by ferry by car from hotel for approximately ten minutes

Small island that there is behind Sesoko Island. It is recommended island that can enjoy sea bathing and marine sports in beach of Okinawa. Jet ski...

Sesoko Island

Sesoko Island


It is approximately 18 minutes by car from hotel

Beautiful remote island where is within a day trip. Bridge is connected to Motobu Peninsula, and Sesoko island is island to be able to drop in at by car casually. Exceptionally beautiful...

Ie Island

Ie Island


It is approximately 30 minutes by ferry by car from hotel for approximately 15 minutes

Remote island which is good by ferry from port of headquarters in 30 minutes. The sea, mountain, flower, star, horse, village dance, monument inscribed with a tanka poem, old battlefield. We take our ease by original culture and scenery of this island...

Emerald beach

Emerald beach


It is approximately seven minutes by car from hotel

Magnificent beach that shines with emerald green according to the name. In beach in lagoon (lagoon) which says alone in the whole country, and is good,...

Nakijin Castle Remains

Nakijin Castle Remains


It is approximately 11 minutes by car from hotel

World heritage which we want to look at by all means. Detail of castle wall is Okinawa outstanding fine castle beautifully. When we take a walk while feeling the eternal history, what I did...

Ocean Expo Park

Ocean Expo Park


It is approximately 3 minutes on foot from hotel from south gate

Ocean Expo Park which has the indispensable Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium by sightseeing in Okinawa. To oki theater and repeater who renewed...