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Hotel Life

We introduce environment that is full of sea nature blue naturally and hotel recommended how to spend yanbaru to tourist attraction distinguished for access

Travel Style

We spend time in family

For Family

It is program for a limited time.
Please enjoy this time-limited activity.

We see the details

We spend time by couple

For Couple

It enlivens sea play of Okinawa more
We introduce Malin activity.

We see the details

We spend time in senior

For Senior

It is program that we can enjoy of rich nature of Okinawa.
Anyone can enjoy from child to senior.

We see the details

We enjoy long-term stay

For Lengthier Stay

Activity to enjoy other Okinawa
We introduce.

We see the details

Hotel Mahaina illustration map

The northern area Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Minna Island which are popular among tourists
Northern area Sesoko Island, Fukugi row of trees of Bise where are popular among tourists
Northern area emerald beach where is popular among tourists, the Nakijin ruins of a castle

Churaumi Aquarium or emerald beach
A lot of highlight to enjoy Okinawa!

It is approximately two hours by car to hotel using Okinawa Expressway from Naha Airport.
Come to mark in "the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium".

Okinawa guidebook map