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Hotels Information

In the northern part of natural rich Okinawa Island called "Yanbaru", both the sea and mountain develop unique hotel to be able to enjoy.
Let alone leisure and sightseeing as for wedding and banquet, the company-like meeting training, the incentive tour,
We offer service in response to various scenes, requests.
Hospitality ... which is ... "chimugukuru"
We look forward to coming of all of you.
It is will of "true heart, consideration" in dialect of Okinawa with note) "chimugukuru". It is our management philosophy.

Hotels Information

3 facilities different in individuality and characteristic of Maeda Sangyo Hotels. We aim at "becoming No. 1 hotel chosen as second my family" by offering hospitality in "chimugukuru".

  • Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resot Okinawa

    Hotel Mahaina
    Wellness resort Okinawa

    Large-scale resort hotel situated in a good location that state-run Ocean Expo Park having Churaumi Aquarium is right across. Guest room in all rooms in ocean view more than 40 square meters is extreme popularity for long-term stay. In large communal bath with full of mineral, pool, beauty treatment salon out of the indoor a time of healing.

    1456, Yamakawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
    [representative] TEL: 0980-51-7700

  • Hotel yugafuinokinawa

    Hotel yugafuinokinawa

    Access base where center, Nago in northern Okinawa Island is excellent for both sightseeing and business. It is 15 minutes by car to all countries Tsu beam building which is famous for car as meeting place of international conference to Churaumi Aquarium for 25 minutes. Let alone guest room of relaxation, meeting room, large banquet room, chapel are fulfilling, too. Please use in various scenes.

    453-1, Miyazato, Nago-shi, Okinawa 
    TEL: 0980-53-0031

  • Hotel yugafuin BISE

    Hotel yugafuin BISE

    We cannot express splendor of the setting sun to look at from BISE by words. From extensive Japanese-Western style room, please enjoy Ie Island and Sesoko Island, scenery of Minna Island. Churaumi Aquarium is good location called the very front. It is ten minutes by car to 5-minute walk, Nakajin Castle Site to Fukugi row of trees of Bise. Please enjoy original scenery and history of Okinawa.

    1147-1, Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
    [representative] TEL: 0980-48-4388

Access Map

Access map

To hotel yugafuin BISE, shuttle bus leaves. Please see than the following at the service time.

Shuttle bus service timetable

Contact Us

Toll free number
Toll free number0120-081-715
[as for the room reservation] TEL: 0980-51-7488
(reception hours: for from 09:00 to 18:00)

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