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Dynamic Packaging

We introduce jalan, Rakuten Travel, ANA, accommodation plan with airline ticket of JAL.
In addition, convenient search of accommodation plan with discount air ticket of time design company offer is available.

jalan pack

jalan pack

Combination of traffic, accommodation, rent-a-cars is free! As we can make a reservation at the same time, one which does not take effort points. Trip having high flexibility comes true.

To ANA jalan pack

To JAL jalan pack

Comfortable pack

Comfortable pack of Rakuten Travel

We can make favorite tour with a choice of airline ticket and hotel, rent-a-car by oneself. The departure time of airplane is freedom, too.

To ANA comfortable pack

To JAL comfortable pack

Dynamic package trip to ANA product

Dynamic package trip to ANA product

It is WEB-limited advantageous package tour that accommodation plan was bundled with airline ticket of ANA.

To plan page with ANA airline ticket

JAL dynamic package

JAL dynamic package

Round-trip airline ticket + accommodation is advantageous with set! Option which is convenient for foot of sightseeing, meal and movement can be reserved!
Seven days ago is advantageous.

To plan page with JAL airline ticket

Hotel reservation with time design discount air ticket

Hotel reservation with time design discount air ticket

We can reserve original plan staying discount air ticket + of Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa in simple & discount. Dynamic package of Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa.

To plan page with time design airline ticket

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