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Staff blog


The history, culture, tradition of Okinawa

Winter charming sights "denterikiku"

keetiu joy biunnukiyaibin for light kima age.

(A Happy New Year.)

Request for nyutasarugutu eunnukiyaibin of this year.

(we would like this year.)


It is *gi in charge of restaurant

Myself concerning new beginning of the year blog update

It is simple sentence,

We said hello in uchinaguchi (dialect of Okinawa)


By the way, introducing today

It is winter charming sights of Okinawa


In fact! In here Okinawa,

Cultivation of chrysanthemum is carried out flourishingly!


With denterikiku,

We delay flowering time of chrysanthemum artificially by putting light at night

It is one of the cultivation methods of chrysanthemum

It is cultivated by this method on the mainland,

We seem to be often brought up in plastic greenhouse.

However, because Okinawa is warm no climate,

Chrysanthemum grows even if we do not do house cultivation.

Therefore all over the field dazzles by lighting of denterikiku

Very beautiful


Famous where free of charge, Yomitan village, Itoman City, Nanjo City

Because we cultivate as far as it is wide,

We can enjoy magnificent scale


In this way denterikiku,

We can see here and there in each place in Okinawa

We discovered near Mahaina how recently

When we advance from Mahaina to the Churaumi Aquarium area by car for approximately five minutes

It dazzles here shiningly there

denterikiku opened


Because there is not parking lot,

On visit according to traffic rules,

To have you do consideration to the neighborhood

Thank you in advance.

In addition, because field is just personal private land

The site hopes that we do not enter without permission.



When you come to Okinawa, illuminations do not become

"Chrysanthemum mineshon"

Please thoroughly enjoy


It was restaurant ninaito*gi as things mentioned above

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