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Staff blog


Event information , Sightseeing information

Yaedake Sakura Festival that the 39th jumps over

We are ... that we vomited

It is joy friend person of the restaurant staff



A Happy New Year

Become Mahaina blog member bullet this year

In information of hotel or the neighboring recommended spots,

Information to be useful for your trip even a little

We will send


Please in 2017

Thank you in advance



By the way, new year just began,

In Okinawa soon season of cherry blossoms

We will do it


There is our hotel

It is the Japan's earliest in here Motobu Town

We can look at cherry tree


About Yaedake Sakura Festival that the 39th jumps over this time

We introduce



For "best early blooming in Japan" “ hitoashi, coming out. "

Yaedake Sakura Festival that the 39th jumps over

The date and time: From Saturday, January 21 to Sunday, February 5

Place: Yaedake top open space


Motobu Town is start point of advance line of cherry blossoms!

Gangs were different from light pink cherry tree which bloomed on the mainland

Bright pink of kanhizakura,

The Japan's earliest

You can enjoy



Scene in full glory in full bloom

Be too beautiful

Words are not given, too



We can admire cherry tree and,

Events various on Saturday and Sunday

It is held



Event schedule

Please see this

As for the cherry tree as for the event

It is sure to get what we can enjoy!



Of the by all means best early blooming in Japan

Bright cherry tree

Please enjoy♪



The above, Hotel Mahaina

... which was joy friend person


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