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We play a lot of charm yanbaru of Okinawa in nature exhaustively

In a lot of charm jam-packed yanbaru let alone marine sports ecotourism,
We offer various activities utilized nature of yanbaru including experience-based program.
Please feel free to consult.

Activity Category

Activity for a limited time

Limited Time Offer

It is program for a limited time.
Please enjoy this time-limited activity.

We see the details

Malin activity

Marine Activity

It enlivens sea play of Okinawa more
We introduce Malin activity.

We see the details

Field activity

Field Activity

It is program that we can enjoy of rich nature of Okinawa.
Anyone can enjoy from child to senior.

We see the details

Other activities


Activity to enjoy other Okinawa
We introduce.

We see the details

It is inquiry reservation
Contact Us

Reservation of activity is this
TEL. 0980-51-7700 
Reception hours from 8:00 to 22:00

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